Exploring and learning

Ashdon Village Museum is developing a number of educational activities based around the museum’s large collection of objects and the history of Ashdon.  Some are intended to enhance the visitor experience, some are suitable for school holiday activities, all are just for fun.

We welcome any feedback, any photos of things you’ve made, pictures of Ashdon you’ve taken on walks, your favourite pieces of Ashdon history – anything about old Ashdon – just join our Facebook page and tells us what you’ve been up to!


We are also working closely with Ashdon Village Primary School to encourage schoolchildren to explore and investigate the museum’s objects and the history of the village and past lives.


Exploring Ashdon

Added:15 Apr 21

Now that Spring is here and the weather is warming up, you might like to get out and explore the history of Ashdon.  Download the walking tour below and see what you can discover around the village.

Ashdon historical walking tour


Making a collection

Added:8 Apr 21

Did you know that Glenn, who is the curator of the museum, started the collecting objects when he was a child? He started by collecting glass bottles he found buried in the ground and over time it grew into a collection of lots of different objects from all over Ashdon!

Do you have a collection?   Can you tell us about your collection?  What you collect? Where do you find objects?  How do you decide what is in your collection and what isn’t?  Is your collection on display?  Why don’t you write to us at the museum and tell us about your collection, and we can tell the everyone more about it on the website.








Can you find ….?

Added: 8 Mar 21

(Ages 4 to 10) While you can’t search for things in the museum just yet, have a go at exploring these pictures and see if you can find the objects.  Then in the summer you can come down and see them for real!

Ashdon archaeology

In the kitchen

At the blacksmith’s forge

Relaxing at home

Ashdon in World War II


Added: 20 Feb 21

Horses were very important to the life of Ashdon villagers right up to the 1950s.  Not only were they used to transport people and goods too and from places like Saffron Walden, they were also the equivalent of tractors, doing all the hard work pulling ploughs and carts around the villages many farms.

Make a model horse

(Ages 8+, or younger with adult help)